The Real Housewives Of Nashville! Could This Really Be True?

If the rumors are true, Bravo could be adding another Real Housewives ... This time it'll be based in Nashville with some wives of big name country stars.

There's speculation that the cast will include

  • Brittany Aldean
  • Jana Kramer
  • Jenna Purdue, who is married to D.J. Silver
  • Kassi Wicks, the wife of Chuck Wicks and sister of Jason Aldean
  • Alexis Gale, the fiancee of Jimmie Allen
  • Sabina Rich, who is married to Tyler Rich

Bravo hasn't made an official announcement yet, but a lot of these "rumors" end up being truth. I for one think this is the worst idea ever. I mean if you like the Real Housewives, cool. But not in Nashville and NOT with country stars wives.