Parker McCollum Answers Uncomfortable Questions From Listeners

Parker McCollum stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new album, Never Enough, that is out today, what inspired the songs on the record and answer some uncomfortable questions from listeners like if he’s ever kept a fans underwear.  

Never Enough, the new album from McCollum, comes right after he scored his third consecutive number-one single, “Handle On You.” He said when he wrote it, he was in a rut and writing the same thing over and over again, that extended into his personal life. A bad breakup followed by some good advice helped him create the song he needed to be the lead single for the new album.  

Produced by Jon Randall, the 15-tracks McCollum describes as the same old him, singing about heartbreak and lost, and that he’s not too good at writing a love song. The track, “Have Your Heart Again,” he calls a sad piano ballad that he had the melody for six years and could never figure out the right lyrics for it. He would play it for a few writers and mumble over it to try and spark an idea, but they never cut it. To finally figure the song out and put it on the record felt like the closing of a chapter for him.  

He opened the record with “Hurricane” because he’s never had a song like it before. It’s up-tempo and a little out of his comfort zone, but it’s a great way to kick off the story of the record. He co-wrote the song “Speed” with Ryan Hurd, after he developed an obsession with muscle cars and driving fast has always been something he’s liked since he was a kid.  

McCollum is a prolific songwriter and chose to include one song on his new record that he did not write because he loved it so much when he heard it. It’s called “Thing I Never Told You.” He gets sent songs all the time, and he’s only cut one outside song before, but this song stuck out to him the minute he heard the line, “I had a Playboy stashed in a Johnny Cash LP Sleeve in my room,” he wished he wrote it, so he knew he had to sing it. He’s such a fan of songs that it doesn’t bother him if he didn’t write every song on his albums, as long as he feels a connection with them.  

Before McCollum left, he answered three uncomfortable questions from listeners. The first one asked how did he become famous. His response is that he is not famous, he just has a great following and a very loyal fan base and is blessed to be able to make music on such a large scale. To him, he considers someone like J Lo to be really famous. The next question asked was does he pay for his friends if they go on vacation with him, which he replied he has before. Then the final question asked if he’s ever kept underwear a fan has thrown on stage? His answer: Yes. He didn’t personally keep them, but they stayed on his tour bus for about 24 hours.  

McCollum's new album, Never Enough, is out now. He is also on tour this summer, for more information go to  

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