Jason Aldean Shares The One Tattoo He Regrets Getting Done

Jason Aldean called in to The Bobby Bones Show today (Feb. 21) to talk about his new Highway Desperado Tour, addressed why his fans are calling Bobby Bones a liar and we find out the one tattoo he regrets getting done.  

Aldean announced his upcoming 41-city Highway Desperado Tour with special guests Mitchell Tenpenny, Corey Kent and Dee Jay Silver. Bringing Tenpenny on tour has been a long time coming. They were supposed to tour together in 2020, until COVID canceled the tour. Since then, he’s been trying to get him to come on the road with him and is happy it’s finally happening. Newcomer Kent is joining too. He’s never met him before, but liked his music and asked him to come out on the tour. He tries to give that opportunity to smaller acts since he was given that chance. He reflected on opening for Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, and other big artist when he only had one song on the radio and was still trying to make it. He knows what a big deal it is more a newer artist to be on a big tour and get the chance to shine, and he tries to give them that opportunity. Aldean currently has 27 number-one songs, but while putting together the set list unfortunately he can’t fit in all them. He likes to play the big ones, but also add in some new music. Playing songs that went number one to him isn’t a big deal. It’s more about what the fans wants to hear and what will make the atmosphere good while on stage. He said having number one songs is of course cool, but they don’t always translate well live. For example, his song “Hicktown” never went number one but is a fan favorite and he always includes. 

A few weeks ago, Bones ran into Aldean and his wife eating at a restaurant at the mall. Bones shared how they had no security and were there just like any other normal couple having a meal. Aldean’s fans started calling Bones a liar because they didn’t think Aldean would just be at a public place eating. Aldean’s response to that: I have to eat. People think he doesn't do normal things, but he tries to live as much of a normal life as he can when he’s off stage. Bones asked if he ever uses his real name when making a reservation somewhere. Aldean said usually his assistant will handle that and will only name drop if the place is full, but that they rarely go out. He and his wife are homebodies and love spending time at home with their kids.  

Before the interview ended, Aldean took the time to answer some uncomfortable questions listeners sent in. One being if he has any tattoos that he regrets getting. “Yes, my very first one,” he said. He shared how he was 18 when he got it and walked into a tattoo shop in his hometown and they had tattoo art examples on the wall and he asked for a random one. It was poorly done too. He’s since covered it up. Aldean is know for his signature cowboy hat. When asked what the most expensive hat he owns is, he explained how his hats aren’t actually all that pricey. When he was doing a photo shoot for his first album, he went and got a straw cowboy hat for $50 because it was all he could afford at the time. Now it’s become a trademark of his and he still hasn’t upgraded his hats.  

You can catch Aldean on his Highway Desperado Tour this summer. Tickets are on sale now.  

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