Santa's House is on Zillow!

Christmas stockings, fireplace, tree, and decorations

Photo: Getty Images. Not Santa's actual house.

Santa Claus's 25 acre North Pole compound is on Zillow and it is exactly like I imaged it to be! Well, except for one thing... I guess I didn't expect Santa to be living in a place worth over $1.1 MILLION! But hey... go Santa!!! If you got it, flaunt it, right?!

Santa's home, not currently on the market, is 2500 square feet and features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The home was originally built in the 1800s but underwent renovations in 2013. There are also multiple, 150 square foot cottages for his elves, a workshop to make all of the toys, enough garage space to store a sled, and enough stables to house all of Santa's reindeer. And like most property recently, the value of Santa's home has skyrocketed! It started 2013 valued around $344,000, but those renovations brought the value up to end 2013 around $555,000 in value. From there, the value kept rising to settle in at a current "Zestimate" of $1,154,137... although in typical Zillow fashion, the estimated sales range is quite wide, putting the value of the home between $197,266 and just over $1.1 million.

Nonetheless, it is super cute and exactly like a home that you would picture Santa and Mrs. Claus living in! Check out the Zillow listing here!

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