Watch: A Fantastic Short Documentary About Street Tiles In New Orleans

Busy street life in downtown New Orleans

Photo: Getty Images

I absolutely love the things that make New Orleans such a unique city, for instance, the street tiles. I love how the street tiles not only have a purpose to mark streets and some historical buildings, but they add such a beautiful aesthetic charm to an already beautiful city.

I live in Mid-City and walk pretty much everywhere I can. I do drive to and from work since our offices are in the CBD, but if work isn't involved, I'm probably walking- or walking to the streetcar, riding to near my destination, and then walking more. I'm a walker! And it breaks my heart to see so many street tiles in my Mid-City neighborhood- and all over New Orleans, for that matter- either broken or flat out missing. I stumbled upon this short documentary last night all about the street tiles and it was so incredibly compelling! I learned the history of the street tiles, the various styles of street tiles, and I even learned that some of the street tiles are either upside down or facing the wrong direction- including many street tiles on the very street where I live! And wait until you see the part where they actually make the street tiles! SO cool!!!

This is a VERY well-done documentary. If you have 30 minutes to watch it, PLEASE do!! I don't know the people that made it, but if anybody behind the making of this documentary stumbles upon my blog here, thank you for making this. And Derby Pottery and Tile, thank you for keeping integrity in your gorgeous, hand-made street tiles. You are doing great work!! As for the S&WB, I can not thank you because you are the reason so many tiles on my street are damaged. Shame on you.

Like the documentary requests, I will report every broken or missing street tile to I hope you will do the same, and I hope you enjoy this spectacular documentary as much as I did!

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