Watch: Martha Stewart tells Drew Barrymore she'd date Pete Davidson

I absolutely love this! Martha Stewart dropped by the Drew Barrymore Show yesterday for a visit, and the chat turned to a game called "Red Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag." If you are not familiar, "Red Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag" is a game that asks about dating preferences and if the person answering the questions finds certain behavior to be a "red flag," as in they don't like the behavior, a "yellow flag," where there are circumstances where the behavior is OK and circumstances where it's not, or "green flag," where they are in bring-it-on mode!

Martha expressed a bit of regret in the fact that she has been single for about 30 years and never remarried. Drew then asked if she would date somebody with a lot of tattoos like Pete Davidson, Martha gave the green flag, and then she mentioned that she would actually date Pete Davidson!

I totally get this was just a game, but thinking about this, Pete Davidson and Martha Stewart would be a celebrity couple that I wouldn't mind seeing! Just imagine all of the celebrity websites and magazines referring to a possible celebrity name of "Mete." That alone is a great reason for them to get together, if you ask me!!!!!

But all kidding aside, this was a really cute segment. Check it out!

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