Did Taylor Swift just hint that she's about to announce a tour?

For someone known for dropping Easter Eggs, this seemed more like an Obvious Omelet! Taylor Swift was on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night promoting her new album Midnights, which came out last Friday and is already finding records and smashing them. For instance, it took Midnights exactly ONE DAY to become the best-selling album of 2022. Midnights broke Spotify's record for most stream in a day (and also briefly broke Spotify upon it's release). And the list goes on.

But nothing got the audience going quite like when the idea of a tour to support Midnights was brought up. Jimmy mentioned to Taylor that she hasn't toured in four years, Taylor responded with "I think I should do it," and everyone in the crowd LOST. THEIR. MINDS. That's at about 8:40 into this video- it kinda sounds to me like a tour is coming soon!

And about those "Easter Eggs" that Taylor is so well-known for, in the next segment she talked about the celebrity Easter Egg cameos in her just-released video to "Bejeweled."

Here is that video.

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