Watch: Morgan Wallen stops his concert to throw a disorderly fan out

15th Annual Academy Of Country Music Honors - Show

Photo: Getty Images

This past Saturday night, Morgan Wallen was playing to a sold out crowd in Wheatland, California north of Sacramento at the Toyota Amphitheater. During his song "This Bar," Morgan noticed some rowdy behavior that he didn't like, so Morgan stopped the show and directed security to remove one of the disorderly concert goers. Morgan then asked if anybody else wanted to do "anything stupid" (I cleaned that up haha), and then resumed his show.

TikTok user firstgenben caught it all on video, and that is below. I will warn you... there is some fowl language in here from both Morgan and some people in the crowd around the video, so be careful where you watch this! But regardless, good for Morgan. Concerts should be a place to go have fun, not a place to worry about getting into a fight... or worse.

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