Did Sylvester Stallone replace a tattoo of his soon-to-be ex with his dog?

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Over the weekend, my boyfriend asked me if I had been following along with the Sylvester Stallone tattoo drama? "What Sylvester Stallone tattoo drama?," I asked. I clearly had not been following along.

I Googled "Sylvester Stallone tattoo" and the story that popped up on Buzzfeed was a little too funny to not share. Apparently, Sly has a giant tattoo on his right shoulder/bicep of his wife of 25 years, Jennifer Flavin. A week ago Friday, she filed for divorce. This move ALLEGEDLY sent him straight to the tattoo artist to have the tattoo covered up and the image that he used to cover the tattoo was that of his dog Butkus from Rocky.

If you believe what you read- as in, a "statement from a spokesperson"- he was getting the original tattoo freshened up, the results were "unsatisfactory and, unfortunately, unfixable," and so he had the tattoo artist cover the tattoo of Jennifer with a tattoo of Butkus. But regardless, it's all kind of funny.

Here is the Buzzfeed story in it's entirety.

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