Watch: Blake Shelton's video to "No Body"

Blake Shelton released a brand new song and video today. In fact, I hope you have been listening to us today... we have been playing the iHeartCountry World Premiere of "No Body" every hour today. This song is the JAM!

Blake also released a video to "No Body" today and if you think the song itself gives you throwback vibes, you oughta see the video! From the second this video opens with 1980's or 1990's-esque font, this video will make you feel like you have been transported back to that time, when Country bars were packed with line dancers. Blake even pulled out his old mullet for the video and the video is produced in such a way that it is reminiscent of watching an old, scratchy VCR tape. And the song itself reminds me so much of Tulsa Time by Don Williams, which came out in 1978, but who's counting a few years?!

I don't know about you, but this video makes me want to starch and press some Wranglers and go scoot some boots. I love it!

Am I the only one that's reminded of "Tulsa Time?"

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