This mattress company wants to hire you to sleep

African American woman sleeping in bed

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Have you ever gone to work, thought to yourself "I would like to just lay right down here and take a nap," and then you shut your office door, silence your phone, and drift off to dream for a while? I know I may or may not have taken a nap (or multiple naps) at work...

Well here's a job that actually encourages you to sleep on the job! Casper, maker of mattresses, is hiring "Casper Sleepers." According to the job listing, the person hired will get to show off their sleeping skills in public, on social media, and anywhere else people are looking. You'll need to have "exceptional sleeping ability," a "desire to sleep as much as possible," have the "ability to sleep through anything," and you'll need to possess several other qualities of slumber.

If you think about it, every product that makes it out into the world needs to be tested at some point, so why not mattresses?! It makes perfectly good sense to me that Casper would be hiring. And let's face it... this sounds like an absolute DREAM JOB!

The listing is here if you are interested.

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