Watch: Luke Bryan wants you to know that he did NOT break a finger

Well, THIS is hilarious!! This past Saturday, Luke Bryan took to social media to inform his followers that he did not break a finger. In a short, :12 second video, Luke emphatically states "I did not break my finger, and I did not break my finger at a roller coaster park. My finger's not broken. Please stop reporting that it's broken."

So, where in the world did someone come up with the fake news of Luke breaking his finger? Look no further than Luke's wife Caroline as the original source! Two days prior to Luke posting the video informing us all that he did NOT break his finger, Caroline posted a picture of the Bryan family at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio in front of the Steel Vengeance roller coaster with the caption "Another adventure in the books! Luke broke a finger and I twisted another ankle…pretty much a normal day for us! 🎢"

Soooo... are the Bryans messing with us? Did Luke break a finger and say he didn't? Or did Luke NOT break a finger and Caroline thinks he did? Or was Caroline's post just a joke and we all took it literally?

Not sure... but one thing I DO know, and that is is everything about this is funny! Those Bryans will keep you laughing, that's for sure!

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