Watch: Luke Bryan calls out fans for fighting during his show

There is never a dull moment at a Luke Bryan concert! For instance, this past weekend in Youngstown, Ohio, Luke noticed a fight in the crowd while he sang the big hit he had with Jordan Davis called "Buy Dirt."

"Y'all good over here? I mean... I don't... why the hell were y'all fighting during Buy Dirt?" Luke asked after the song was over. Which, if you think about it, is a HILARIOUS question! But the comedy doesn't stop there! Luke then informed the Mike Tyson wannabees "This isn't like Limp Bizkit or nothin'. Or freakin' Gwar." He then went on to comment that someone got the "s**t knocked out of them" and recommended that the fighters "chill out" and "smoke a joint or something" instead of fighting.

Here is some seriously shaky footage taken of the incident. He talks about it starting at 3:40 into the video. WARNING: language may not be suitable/NSFW. But it funny nonetheless.

Of course the incident made it's way on to TikTok as well...

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