Chef turns McDonald's Happy Meal into a Gourmet Meal

McDonald's Fries

Photo: Getty Images

This is unbelievable! TikTok user Danny Kim challenged Washington DC-area chef Amy Brandwein to take an ordinary McDonald's Happy Meal consisting of Chicken McNuggets and Fries and make it extraordinary. Add in two McDonald's Apple Pies and some Sweet and Sour sauce and it's safe to say "mission accomplished!"

And I'm not even kidding!

With the help of some extra ingredients like milk, garlic, butter, water, salt, and more, and the assist from a few appliances, Chef Brandwein turned Danny's Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal into a gourmet meal of Tortellini and Little Pommes Dauphine and called it "Tortellini 10.0." I'd eat it! Check this out...

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