Man tells epic story of accidentally killing neighbor's chicken

We all know that... shall we say... "interesting" things happen. And it seems that a lot of "interesting" things tend to happen in Florida. But this really kind of takes the prize.

To sum up the story, a Jacksonville man by the name of James Nix and his 80 year old father were allegedly attacked repeatedly by the neighbor's rooster. In defending himself, Nix grabbed a stick, hit the rooster, and the rooster died. The neighbor who owned the rooster called the police and eventually animal control. This led to Nix being arrested, placed in jail for 30 hours, and charged with a felony for animal cruelty.

Kristen Rary, a reporter from the CBS affiliate in Jacksonville went to Nix's house to get the story. Not only did she get the story, but she got what could quite possibly be some of the greatest sound bytes in television history. For instance, Nix said he didn't know to give the chicken "a 21 gun salute... CPR, mouth to mouth... or to call the chicken ambulance." He referred to his neighbor as calling the "chicken police" on him. In response to the chicken actually dying, Nix said "chickens die every day, people. At Churches, Popeyes, Kentucky Fried Chicken." And wait until you see his impression of the chicken about to attack.

The full story is at this link. If you scroll to the bottom, you can watch the raw audio of when Kristen Rary showed up to James Nix's house. It's pretty epic.

Here is the news report where, miraculously, the anchors and reporter kept a straight face.

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