Gucci for your dog!

Gucci shop in Florence

Photo: Getty Images

There is no doubt we all love our dogs and spoil them whenever we can! But would your spoil your fur baby to the point of dropping big bucks on Gucci-branded stuff?

Gucci just rolled out the Gucci Pet Collection that includes some pretty bougie items for your four-legged friends, including collars starting at over $300, a hexagon bowl with the famous interlocking GG design for a mere $1750, and there is even a matching travel case for the bowl that will run you $2380. Wanna pick up your dog's poop in Gucci style? The Gucci poop bag holder is chalking in at $420. Plus there are harnesses, leashes, various accessories, and of course clothes. I have to admit... this stuff is all SUPER cute but it's wayyyyy out of my price range. Hopefully my sweet little Stewie will not know the difference between his cute little $30 fleece couch and the $7,500 Gucci pet bed.

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