Adam Sandler's unfortunate mishap at a nude beach in Spain

Adam Sandler is making the rounds promoting his new Netflix movie Hustle, and while stopping by "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon," Adam revealed a rather unfortunate incident at a nude beach.

As the story goes, he was on the coast of Spain in the waters of the Mediterranean, which is very salty and makes everything float, when he realized that the beach he was at was a nude beach. You know the saying "when in Rome..." well, Adam was in Spain, not Rome, but decided to go nude anyway. But then he got scared that there may be paparazzi nearby waiting with a camera, so he thought better of it. But unfortunately, he then had what we'll refer to as "floating body part" issues and....

... you know, the story is much funnier when HE tells it, so here ya go!

And if you're wondering where the black eye came from, he had a story for that too!

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