Antonio Brown is "no longer a Buc" after bizarre exit from game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Jets

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Wide Receiver Antonio Brown has not been without controversy in his career. In December of 2018, the Pittsburgh Steelers deactivated him for throwing a helmet at a teammate. In August 2019, he missed training camp with the Raiders due to helmet grievances. A month later, he posted on Instagram asking to be released from the Raiders and they granted his wish. A couple of days later, he signed a one year deal with the Patriots worth up to $15 million, but then shortly after that, an ex-trainer accused him of sexual assault, Sports Illustrated reported a second issue of sexual misconduct, and 11 days after signing with the Pats, he was released. In January of 2020, he was charged with felony burglary with battery and two misdemeanors for an incident that involved a moving truck company. He pleaded no contest and did not receive jail time. In July of that year, the NFL suspended him for eight games for multiple violations of their personal conduct policy.

Yet in October of 2020, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him anyway, and three and a half months later, he caught five passes, including one for a touchdown, as the Bucs won Super Bowl LV. He re-signed a contract with Tampa Bay in May of this year, but couldn't stay out of trouble. Last month, he was suspended for three games for violating the NFL's Covid-19 protocols when he was among three players that misrepresented their vaccination statuses.

And then came yesterday. According to Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians, he was trying to get Brown to go into the game. Brown refused twice, so Arians told him to get out. Teammates Mike Evans and OJ Howard tried to calm Brown down, but that didn't work, as Brown took off his pads, undershirt, and jersey, tossed his gloves and shirt into the stands, ran shirtless across the end zone while flashing deuces to fans, and made his exit.

I mean... that's one way to leave the game. He the asked security for a ride to the airport and was turned down. Arian's said after the game he's "no longer a Buc," and Brown did not fly home on the team plane.

What a weird way to go out!

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