Watch: William Shatner's quick mission to space

Blue Origin Launch

Photo: Getty Images

History was made earlier today as William Shatner became the oldest man to travel to space. He is 90.

Shatner and three other crew members were aboard Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin rocket New Shepard and left earth right around 9:50 Texas time. They departed near Van Horn, Texas, and landed in the desert near where they departed. The rocket traveled quickly past the Karman Line, which is 62 miles away from earth and recognized as the edge of space. Just as fast as they went up, they came back down and the crew was back on the ground safe and sound.

The best part was an emotional Shatner getting out of the capsule and gushing to Bezos about how it was different than he was expecting it to be. He talked about traveling quickly through the blue skies and into the black so quickly, gushing "I hope I never recover from this. It's extraordinary."

Here is the video from countdown to launch to landing to Shatner talking to Bezos afterward. The launch is about 1:42:05 into the video. About 10 minutes later, around 1:52:20, the capsule touches down in the desert. But the best part is about 2:04:20 into the video where William Shatner shares his experience with Jeff Bezos. Bezos briefly steps aside to pop some champagne, and then rejoins Shatner for an incredibly profound conversation. Just incredible!

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