Whoops! Luke Bryan's stage manager kicked him in the head during a concert

Luke Bryan Proud To Be Right Here Tour - Nashville, TN

Photo: Getty Images

Poor Luke Bryan. It seems like concert and injuries go hand in hand with Luke, doesn't it? We've all seen footage where Luke falls onstage- or falls off of the stage. And now, he was kicked in the head while jumping off stage!

While performing recently in Phoenix, Luke was bothered by a smoke machine. Now, it's LUKE FRIGGIN BRYAN, for Pete's sake, so you think he'd have "a guy"... or several... to take care of things for him. But nope! Luke took matters into his own hands by jumping off stage to move the smoke machine... only maybe Luke DOES have "a guy" for this because his stage manager came running over to help and inadvertently kicked Luke in the head in the process.

Luke then gets back on stage, as does his stage manager, except one of them is bleeding. And it ain't Luke this time!

Apparently his stage manager got a minor injury from the jump and had a bit of blood rolling down his shin.

Luke later addressed the crowd saying he thought a speaker fell on his head! Luke said "y'all seen me jump off the stage. So... so... smoke machines dry my s**t out, like I can't... so that smoke machine was blowing up my a**. So I went down there to cut the smoke machine off and my stage manager jumps down there and he kicks me in the back of the head. And I thought... I thought a speaker fell on my head."

Thankfully it wasn't a speaker! But then again, with as accident-prone as Luke is when it comes to concerts, it wouldn't surprise me if we see that video next.

Glad he's OK!

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