Cat falls 30-50 feet, is saved by fans at Hard Rock Stadium

It started as a Saturday evening game with the University of Miami taking on App State in Miami at Hard Rock Stadium, but it ended with everyone talking about a cat!

And I'm not talking about a mascot! There was actual CAT caught on camera, dangling from the second level of Hard Rock Stadium about 30-50 feet up. Some quick thinking fans grabbed their American flag that they brought to hang on the railing, as if to say "here, kitty kitty... use this as a trampoline. We got you!" And sure enough, when the cat either gave up and fell or just lost his/her grip, the fans caught it in the American flag... which, ya gotta admit, was the PERFECT way to catch the cat on the anniversary of 9/11. The fans then triumphantly held the cat up Lion King-style to show he/she was OK.

That cat is so lucky that those fans were there, and that they saw it to catch it! That could've been really sad, but instead, we're all happy for the cat... even if it did use several of it's nine lives in that death-defying feat.

I just can't help but wonder how it got up there in first place...

The Hard Rock Stadium made a donation to the local shelter.

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