Shay Mooney's Wife Reveals The First Wedding She Had With Shay

Well here's a good story!

In October of 2017, Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay married former Miss Arkansas Hannah Billingsley in a beautiful ceremony between two oak trees on the Mooney family property in Arkansas. The wedding was covered by People Magazine and several other sources and was full of Shay and Hannah's friends and family. Shay and Hannah's nine month old son Asher James, decked out in a little tuxedo, was carried down the aisle. Dan Smyers, the other half of Dan + Shay, was a groomsman, and Shay sang a song that he wrote just for his wife. Shay tweeted about how perfect the wedding was and the next morning the couple left on their honeymoon- or, "honeyMOONEY"- to Cancun. Everything sounded like an absolutely perfect fairy tale.

Except... we're now finding out that Shay and Hannah were already married and that the real wedding may have actually been MORE of an absolute perfect fairy tale!

In an Instagram post from Hannah Mooney, she revealed that the couple actually got married on August 9th of 2016, which was the day Shay proposed and more than a year before everyone thought! Her post read "5 years ago, today. We pulled up to a little stone chapel as the rain began to fall. From The Ground Up came on the radio and we both cried…. I knew you were about to propose. What I didn’t know, that day, was that after I said ‘yes’, you’d open those great beautiful doors to reveal our families and a few close friends. There were 3 wedding dresses to choose from. There was a bouquet and a new pair of high heels. There was my college pastor, smiling and waiting. The photographers were already there (they had snagged the proposal pictures moments before). It was perfect. 5 years ago, today, we promised before God to do this crazy life together, no matter what came. It is still one of the most special days of my life. I love you,@shaymooney. I thank God every day for you, for our precious babies, and for this crazy beautiful life 🤍✨ Happy Anniversary! Now let’s do at least 60 more years!!"

Wow! Shay thought of everything, from family waiting to her college pastor being on site to marry them to having not one, but three dresses for her to choose from! And not only that, but now Hannah and Shay get to celebrate two anniversaries every year! That's pretty cool!!!

Check out Mrs. Mooney's beautiful post and pictures!

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