Behind the scenes of Blake and Gwen's wedding with Carson Daly

We all knew the wedding was coming. We saw the news about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani applying for their marriage license and knew that the wedding was close. In Oklahoma, you have ten days to get married after getting a license... it was reported and confirmed that Blake and Gwen got their license Tuesday, June 29th, so the "assumption" was made by most people that the wedding would be Fourth of July weekend.

The assumptions were right! On Saturday, July 3rd, after six years of dating and seemingly a million tabloids writing articles that they were already secretly married, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani officially tied the knot at a small ceremony on Blake's property in Oklahoma. Blake even had a chapel built on the property for the special occasion.

On July 5th, Blake and Gwen both posted photos on their social media confirming the date, and countless pictures across various other social media outlets and news media outlets began to surface, every picture just as beautiful as the last.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, we learned that Carson Daly officiated the wedding. Carson works closely with Blake and Gwen on The Voice and is great friends with both of them. Carson is also contributes to The Today Show and stopped by yesterday to give a little behind the scenes look. And I LOVE what Carson did here... he gave us just enough of a peek behind the curtain, but not too much- as he mentioned, it's Blake and Gwen's story to tell. But I especially loved his story of Gwen writing her vows that had everyone at the ceremony crying, and then Blake singing his vows and keeping all eyes wet. What a great piece start to finish The Today Show put together on this!

And like Carson, the radio person in my hopes that the song is a single too. Congrats, Blake and Gwen!

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