Someone tried to storm the court in the middle of Game 4 in Washington

The 2021 NBA Playoffs are going on and they have not been without incident involving obnoxious fans. Kyrie Irving, who plays for the Celtics, was nearly struck by a water bottle thrown by a fan, Russell Westbrook from the Wizards had popcorn dumped on his head, Trae Young with the Hawks was spit on by a fan in New York, and now this.

Last night in the third quarter of Game 4 between the 76ers and the Wizards, a fan attempted to charge the court and hit the backboard. Security got him, and several people tweeted out the incident from different angles.

He was also caught on camera getting thrown out of the game...

aaannnd getting arrested.

I mean... seriously? We've been cooped up for over a year, we're FINALLY allowed to go back out and do our favorite things... and this is how some people act? These people need to learn to act right before they screw it up for the rest of us just wanted to go to our favorite events to have a good time!!

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