This woman's fart was SO BAD another women threw up and a gym was evacuated

Imagine this...

You're in a spin class, you're feeling the music, you're getting a great workout in, and suddenly you smell a smell SO BAD that it causes you to throw up.


You're in a spin class, you were out drinking heavily the night before, you finished up the night with kebabs at 4am, and suddenly you fart a fart that smells SO BAD that it causes a fellow spinner to vomit.

Either way, it's HILARIOUS and it's a true story! Maxime van den Dijssel is an actual weightlifter, but apparently she's into the "12 ounce curls" as well and took to her TikTok to admit to an incident from eight years ago. As she told the story and captioned in her TikTok post: "This one time I went to a spin class after a night of heavy drinking and 4am kebabs and I farted a fart that smelled so bad that a girl threw up and they had to evacuate the entire gym because they thought they had a sewage problem. I was too embarrassed to tell them it was just me. So now 8 years later I'm telling you guys."

I'd say "holy crap," but I'm thinking there's nothing "holy" about Maxime's admission!! Although... you gotta admit it's pretty impressive to actually clear out an entire gym...

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