Dan + Shay release acoustic version of "Glad You Exist"

Dan + Shay's latest song "Glad You Exist" just makes you feel happy. No matter what kind of day you're having, when that song comes on, it'll have you boppin' along with a smile in no time!

If you follow Dan + Shay on social media, you know that fans have been asking for an acoustic version of GYE and they have been teasing that one is coming. Well today, it all became reality as Dan + Shay released the acoustic version of "Glad You Exist." It's slowed down, which gives it a bit more of a romantic feel, and it's stripped down, showing off Shay's amazing vocals and Dan's great harmonies even more than the original.

As much as I love the original, I sure do love this version. But...which is my favorite? I'll go with... YES!!! Which is my way of saying that I can't decide which I like better because I love them both so much! Which is your favorite version? Reach out and let me know!

And here's the original so that it's easier to compare the two!

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