Michael Strahan's "Goodbye Gap" was a prank after all. So funny!

NFL Class of 2014 Enshrinement Ceremony

On Tuesday, NFL Hall Of Famer, former New York Giants Superstar and current NFL On Fox and Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan caused a tizzy when he posted a video at Smile Design Manhattan of him getting his infamous gap in his front teeth corrected. And yes... the internet went crazy! You wouldn't take the Statue of Liberty out of New York. You wouldn't take the Eiffel Tower out of Paris. WHY would Michael Strahan take the gap out of his front teeth??? And would the Football Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio have to fill in the gap in his bust?

Or DID he?

After the shock and disappointment wore off of what Michael had done, the internet quickly turned to a more "wait a minute... is this an April Fool's Day prank?" approach. But anyone who tuned into Good Morning America Wednesday or Thursday morning to watch Good Morning America did not see Michael Strahan, who was on vacation.


Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The famous gap remains and Michael DID come clean that it was just an April Fool's Day prank. And kudos to him... anytime your April Fool's Day prank involves having time off from a national network TV show, "vacation" or not, you know you're doing it right!

Here's the original video...

And here's the unveiling of... nothing but a prank...

That was a good one!

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