Tony Stewart gives a tour of his incredible home Hidden Hollow

If you follow NASCAR Hall of Famer Tony Stewart on social media, you've seen glimpses of his home before, but Tony just gave a camera crew a behind the scenes look and it's even more gorgeous and sprawling then you realize!

Tony named the home Hidden Hollow after finding a tin on his property that said "Hidden Hollow." He deemed it appropriate. And it is.

The property is 414 acres and sits just west of his hometown of Columbus, Indiana. As he explains in the video, he brought the property from a friend's parents. I can't help but wonder though... is it a coincidence that the property is 414 acres or did Tony only buy 414 acres of the property? 14 was his idol AJ Foyt's number, which is the number Tony then ran as a tribute to AJ Foyt once Tony became the co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing. Tony also co-owns the 4 car driven by Kevin Harvick... so I gotta believe that the 414 is a bit more than a coincidence. But you never know...

I also love the "coincidence" (is it a "coincidence?") that the home looks like a big ol' Bass Pro Shops, considering that Tony was a long-time partner with Bass Pro Shows in his driving career. Tony explains in the video that he has always loved log homes. But seriously... this look like a residential Bass Pro Shops in the best way possible!

But while it may look like it, this home is no Bass Pro Shops. Sure, it has fish, hunting supplies, plenty of animals on the property to hunt and more... but it also has the ULTIMATE man cave with a bowling alley, golf simulator, arcade games, a bar and more. And the house overall is just spectacular. As Tony shows us around, it's easy to see that Tony has settled in to his post-NASCAR driving career just fine. It's good to be the man they call "Smoke."

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