New Jordan Davis video features Bachelorette Hannah Brown

Jordan Davis finally released the video to his new song "Almost Maybes" and it is full of treats!

It starts off with Jordan singing with a beard that is much shorter than we are used to seeing! Jordan said in a recent interview that he doesn't think he's think he's going to go back to having such a "big beard" (his words). And I gotta say... I think Jordan looked just fine with his "big beard," but I also think Jordan looks SPECTACULAR with the beard trimmed back!

Then we get a slightly better look at the "love interest" in the video, and it's none other than former Bachelorette Hannah Brown! Notice we get the first real glimpse of her on the line "kinda came outta nowhere." I don't think that was a mistake or coincidence, because Hanna being in this video certainly came outta nowhere! But when you watch the video and Hannah in all of the different scenes, it certainly makes sense. It definitely has a Bachelorette-esque feel to it. And I also don't think it was a mistake or coincidence later in the video when Hannah's real life boyfriend Adam Woolard pulls out an engagement ring during the "from the didn't work outs" line, as we all know that Hannah's TV engagement on the Bachelorette... well, it didn't work out...

So yeah... this video is full of all kinds of great treats! But I'd have to say that the biggest treat of all is that it's a really great video set to a really great song, so enjoy!

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