Man goes to city council meeting wanting "boneless chicken wings" renamed

I love boneless chicken wings. My boyfriend tries to tell me that there is no such thing as "boneless chicken wings." He says that they are nothing more than chicken nuggets or chicken tenders tossed in sauce. I disagree... I think chicken nuggets are smaller and more processed than boneless chicken wings while chicken tenders tend to be more flat. That said, I admit that "boneless chicken wings" is a pretty dumb term for the gloriously clumpy, fried-to-a-delicious-golden-brown style of chicken that I like, but I maintain that chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, and boneless chicken wings are three different things.

And then this guy comes along. His name is Ander Christensen and he has taken the "boneless chicken wing" debate to a whole new level by actually going to a City Council meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska and promoting his effort to change the name of "boneless chicken wings."

And you know what? He's not wrong...