Chatting with Runaway June

Do yourself a favor... go pick up the album from Runaway June called Blue Roses. Blue Roses is an incredible work of art from start to finish that beautifully showcases just how incredible the ladies of Runaway June are. Blue Roses includes the song "I Can Buy My Own Drinks" which recently became the highest charting song by a female trio in 16 years- the last female trio to accomplish that feat was the Dixie Chicks, who hit the Top 5 with "Travelin' Soldier" back in 2003. Runaway June's new song "Head Over Heels" is climbing the charts, and these two songs are just the tip of the iceberg for Blue Roses. I just love this album and these ladies!

Runaway June was formed back in 2015 with Naomi Cooke, Jennifer Wayne, and Hannah Mulholland, but last week came the surprising news that Hannah Mulholland is leaving the band to be closer to her family. Naomi and Jennifer invited their friend Natalie Stovall to join the band, and a new Runaway June was born! Naomi, Jennifer, and Natalie were so nice to take the time to call and talk about their new endeavor together, and here is our chat in it's entirety. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say that I am SO READY for live music to come back (safely, of course!), and Runaway June is way high up on the list of must-see bands!

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And how gorgeous are the new press photos of Runaway June?!

l-r Jennifer Wayne, Naomi Cooke, Natalie Stovall, photos courtesy of BMG/Wheelhouse Records

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