Local police department reminds citizens to wear pants while checking mail

OK, look... if you're working from home and you have a video conference, I get that you may or may not actually put on pants. If you aim the camera on your laptop or cell phone at your face just right, it probably doesn't actually matter what you have on below the waist. Nobody will ever know, right? However, if you take it a step farther and check the mail while self-quarantining, remember that other people can see you... probably ALL of you, especially if you're six feet away, and putting on pants should be a no-brainer.

Enter the Taneytown, MD Police Department, who actually had to remind a citizen via a Facebook post to put on pants before checking the mail. And considering they mentioned it's a "final warning," this would lead one to believe that the individual has been warned before.


And while the post itself is pretty funny, some of these comments are gold! Enjoy! And for Pete's sake, put on some pants if you step outside...

Thumbnail image: Getty Images/Michael Hanson

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