Luke Bryan teaming with Chipotle for online concert... and free lunch!

Today at 1 eastern/noon central, Luke Bryan will take to his Instagram for a "Chipotle Together" session. He'll be playing some live music, giving away free entree codes to Chipotle, and even answering questions from us fans! What what??? How awesome!

In a world where "social distancing," "self quarantining" and "isolation" has become the norm, Chipotle has put together these "Chipotle Together" sessions to keep us connected and entertained. Monday was a session hosted by Colton Underwood from The Bachelor (I'm sorry I missed that!!!), there have been other stars all week, and we will all be treated to Luke Bryan today! Plus, you gotta love that Chipotle has free delivery on orders of $10 or more so we can be well fed while we watch, and then once we watch the concert, we'll get a code for a free entree.

For the sake of full disclosure, I was a previously a paid endorser to spread the word about Chipotle's Lifestyle Bowls and Queso Blanco, but who are we kidding... I'd be telling you all about that stuff anyway because it's yummy and Chipotle rocks...and you can say the same about Luke Bryan! :)

Here is a link to watch the concert today and here is a picture of Luke and I from several years ago... and back before "social distancing was a thing (thankfully)...

Luke and Casey

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