Who is "Danny" Hamlin?

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is a superstar in the sport. He has raced in over 500 races, winning 38 of them, including three Daytona 500 wins, plus he has 260 top 10s and 34 poles to his name... and that is just in NASCAR's Cup Series! He's also claimed 17 Xfinity Series wins, two Truck Series wins, and plenty of other wins in plenty of other avenues of racing. It's safe to say that when it comes to auto racing, Denny Hamlin is in an elite class. He's a household name.

Yet people can't seem to get his name right.

Denny has joked about people messing up his name over the years, but it really came to light earlier this week when he was out doing press after winning his third Daytona 500. While in New York, he spotted this, a marquee congratulating "Danny" Hamlin.

In another close call, after winning the 2016 Daytona 500, USA Today congratulated Denny "Hamilton."

Back to this year... the day after the "Danny" Hamlin incident, Denny just wanted some food. The restaurant got the name right... kind of... but gave him a whole new spelling!

Fellow NASCAR superstar Jimmie Johnson is no stranger to having his name misspelled. I mean, he does spell Jimmie with an "ie" instead of a "y," so surely someone is going to misspell his name somewhere, even if he is a seven time champion, right? And you can count ol' Danny Hamlin among one of the ones to misspell Jimmie in this fun exchange of texts that Jimmie shared.

And then there's Aric Almirola, who probably has his name misspelled a lot too. Of course, there's the issue of most people- including sportscasters- mispronouncing his last name (hint: it's not "AM-uh-roll-uh." There's an "l" at the beginning of AL-mirola!). So Aric jumped in on the fun too!

At least the drivers all have a sense of humor! I can't wait to watch them all race later today in Los Vegas ;)

Thumbnail image photo credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

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