Thomas Rhett's incredible message to a fan

This is what it's all about!

It all started with a Tweet from Twitter user Allie McCrea asking for well-wishes from Thomas Rhett for her dad. Her post read "My dad, am Army vet, has been in the hospital for over 7 months-just trying to get home. He’s always been so positive but recently he has been more depressed & anxious. This vid was taken a few months ago. @ThomasRhett can u give him so well wishes?!? Twitter do ur thing!!!!"

She also went on to give the story behind it all...

And yep! TR responded, posing ". @allie_do_is_win , you & your dad are the real stars. Thank you for sharing your video with the world. Kevin, keep dancing & keep inspiring. Happy holidays y’all. Also, thank you Twitter** for doing your thing"

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