Chris Lane's Big, Big Plans video

2019 has been a big, big year for Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell. On June 16th, Chris surprised Lauren over Father's Day weekend with a proposal at her family's home in Oregon. But this was not just any proposal... Chris wrote a song called "Big, Big Plans" to go along with his proposal, had a video made to show her, and quietly planned to have the proposal videoed as well. In other words, when it comes to proposals, Chris just raised the standards for every other guy out there!!

September 29th, Chris and Lauren were in Chris's hometown of Kernersville, NC to have an engagement party at Cuddle Creek Farms, and on October 25th, the two got married outside of Nashville.

"Big, Big Plans" is Chris's new release to radio, so it seemed only fitting that he would update the video to the song with moments from their big day! This came out to be such a gorgeous video!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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