Watch: Man takes World Series homer ball in the chest; no beer was spilled

Game 5 of the World Series happened last night in Washington and while some baseball fans will remember it as the night that the Houston Astros pulled ahead of the Washington Nationals to lead the series 3-2, other fans will remember it as the night that Jeff Adams became a national treasure.

It was the top of the second inning and the score was zero to zero. Houston was up to bat and Astros' Yuli Gurriel got himself as far as first base. Yordan Alvarez, who has had 60 at-bats since his last home run, was next up to bat. First was a strike. Then came a ball. Then another ball. And then Alvarez smashed a ball deep past left center field, over the wall, and just like that, the score was 2-0.

But as Houston fans were cheering Alvarez, beer fans were cheering Washington Nationals fan Jeff Adams. Adams, who was ironically sitting under the Budweiser Brew House, had a Bud Light in each hand as Alvarez's ball came rocketing towards him. Adams had a quick decision to make, and that decision became to take Alvarez's ball to the chest rather than spill his beer... and sure enough, no beer was spilled.

Go about 2:27 (and again at 3:35 and 3:45) into this video and you'll see Adams' heroic move. That HAD to hurt.

On the bright side, it sounds like Bud Light will be rewarding Adams quite nicely. And his bruise will heal. So while Houston may have won the game last night, I think we can all agree that Jeff Adams was the real winner.

He also seemed not-phased, saying he didn't feel anything!!

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