Kelsea Ballerini sends blind boy battling brain cancer a special gift

Kelsea Ballerini is SO amazing!

Back in April in St. Augustine, Florida, Kelsea met a special fan named Ayden. Ayden is blind and battling a rare form of brain cancer and was granted his wish to meet Kelsea through an organization called "Do It For The Love." The two quickly connected on their love of music and playing different types of instruments.

Fast forward to last week, and a very special gift arrived for Ayden: an electric guitar. But this wasn't just any old ordinary guitar... this was a guitar sent to Ayden from Kelsea herself with his name in braille inscribed on the guitar, and a handwritten note that read "Meeting you in St. Augustine really touched my heart, and I wanted to get you a special guitar to encourage you to keep playing and using your gift. All my love. Kelsea."

Wow! As if we didn't already love Kelsea enough, this really puts us over the edge!!! What a VERY special gift!!!

Ayden's mom recorded him opening the gift and the video is below. Grab a tissue and check out this out. I guarantee it will be the highlight of you day, if not week or month!!!

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