Luke Combs fiance hits back at trolls mocking her for dating a "bigger guy"

Why do some people feel that they have to be so mean on social media?? Ugh... that drives me CRAZY!!! Especially when it comes to stuff like this.

Earlier this week, Nicole Hocking, who is Luke Combs' fiance, posted an adorable picture of her and Luke backstage at a concert. They are looking at each other with obvious admiration, and Nicole captioned the picture with a simple "hey, you're hot."

And out came the body shamers. Sure, Luke's a bigger guy, but who cares? I mean, you've heard him sing, right?? I've actually had the honor of meeting him a few times, and he couldn't be any nicer. He's a VERY cool guy. And I also know MANY women who prefer "dad bods." But most important.... why do people have to be so mean?? Sure, there were plenty of people coming to Nicole and Luke's defense, but of course you have the Twitter Trolls who gotta go and ruin a great post for everyone else.

But Nicole wasn't having ANY of it. She shut the trolls down in a great way. There was humor, but a little bit of don't-mess-with-my-man mixed in as she posted "to everyone currently being less than pleasant to me on twitter for dating a bigger guy:" and included a "for sale" item of two fists, which were free haha...

...followed by "also grow up. it’s 2019. the double standard for this is absolutely disgusting."

And then there was this...

I love how Nicole sticks up for her man. Luke Combs sure did get a good lady!!!

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