Luke Combs serenades St. Jude Kid

We can all agree that Luke Combs is AMAZING, right? And just when you thought that you couldn't possibly love him more than you already do, he goes and does something that somehow makes you love him even more!

At a recent concert, there was a kid near the front of the stage holding up a sign that read "This St. Jude Kid (hearts) U!" Luke saw it, pulled the kid up on stage, and proceeded to serenade him with the title track to his first album "This One's For You." I gotta believe that there wasn't a dry eye in the building... and after watching this, I also gotta believe that there's not a dry eye on the internet either!

The entire moment was posted to Facebook via user Kaydee Marie, who added a St. Jude fundraising button to the post. Special thanks to Kaydee for sharing this with the world.

Luke Combs... you are simply the best!

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