Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell's gorgeous NC engagement party

Chris Lane is doing everything right! In fact, he is doing things SO right that he has set the bar crazy high for other men!!!

I'm sure you saw where Chris proposed to his girlfriend Lauren Bushnell back in June with a song he wrote and video he made. The song is called "Big Big Plans" and acted as the theme for their dream engagement party Saturday night at Cuddle Creek Farm on Georgetown Rd in the Kernersville/Wallburg area. Guests were greeted by a banner that read "Chris + Lauren have big big plans" and the rustic atmosphere of Cuddle Creek Farms was so perfect.

Taking to Instagram, Lauren posted "Got to celebrate all weekend long in Chris’ hometown with our family, friends, and dogs. At one point I even looked at Chris and said ‘I wish we were just getting married tonight! 😂’ Woke up this morning still smiling only to find out my fiancé has the#1song in country music! I am so proud of you@iamchrislane!! So many hardworking people behind this song, including all the radio stations playing it and we are so grateful we get to continue celebrating thanks for all the love & support 💓"

And side note...YES! Congrats to Chris on having the number one song in the Country with "I Don't Know About You!

Chris and Lauren also posted the same adorable picture earlier in the weekend. Lauren captured hers "Engagement party weekend," while Chris was slightly more reflective by saying "It’s been an incredible year in my career as well as my personal life...Took the weekend off to celebrate our engagement in Kernersville with both of our families!! I’m a lucky lucky man!"

Cuddle Creek Farm also posted a few pictures. Don't you LOVE the bags of popcorn reading "Chris POPPED the question. Lauren said yes?" SO CUTE!!!

Congratulations to the happy couple! Hopefully next time they're in town, all of our invites won't get "lost in the mail..." :)

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