Kelsea Ballerini's birthday gift from "Kelsea Central"

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Kelsea Ballerini turned 26 yesterday and her fan club, known as "Kelsea Central," gave her the most personal, unforgettable gift... a video telling them what she means to them.

The video starts with a shots of fans at a Kelsea Ballerini performance, Kelsea on stage, and lots of confetti. The screen then fades to black and reads ""these are the faces you see while on stage...but as you know, not everything pretty sparkles and shines. Because of your bravery showing us a different side of's only fair that we do the same."

The video then cuts to Kelsea's brand new song "homecoming queen?" with fan after fan holding up signs showing their insecurities. After "homecoming queen?," the screen then goes back to black and says "but..." and then begins a song called "End Of The World" from her "Unapologetically" album with those same fans holding up signs telling Kelsea what she means to them and she has helped them build their confidence.

This is so absolutely incredible. Please grab a tissue and watch this (and no, you cannot watch it without a tissue!!!) It is SO BEAUTIFUL to see how Kelsea has touched so many lives.

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