Mom runs 3h, 11m marathon while pushing three kids in stroller

I am not a fast runner. When I run a 5k, I'll do it in about 34 minutes. That is by NO means a blazing speed, but I feel fast. And I'm wiped out.

And then I read about this mom who ran the Missoula Marathon marathon last month... 26.2 miles... in 3 hours, 11 minutes, 53 seconds. And by the way, she wasn't just running... she was pushing her stroller with three kids in it. The stroller weighs about 50 pounds, the weight of the three kids totals around 130 pounds, and this super-mom ran 26.2 miles while pushing 185 pounds worth of stroller in just over three hours and 11 minutes! That's an average of less than 7 minutes and 20 seconds per mile. WOW!

But it gets better! Not only is she fast, but she's a record holder!

Last year she set the Guinness World record for the fastest half marathon while pushing a three-person stroller. She accomplished that feat in 1:29:08. This year, she went for the record for the fastest full marathon while pushing a three-person stroller. That record was just over four hours, so considering that she did the marathon in 3:11:53, she not only beat the record, but she CRUSHED it! This was her third Guinness World record; she also holds the half marathon record for the fastest time pushing two-person stroller.

Check out her amazing accomplishment as she ran across the finish line! And listen to the crowd cheering her on! AMAZING!!!

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