Kevin Harvick wins, son Keelan steals the show

One of my favorite moments last year in NASCAR was when Kevin Harvick won at Michigan International Speedway and took his son Keelan for a ride on the victory lap. Today, history repeated itself.

Kevin Harvick won the race at Michigan today. Knowing he was close on fuel and after a few other cars ran out of fuel on the final lap, Harvick asked his crew if he had enough fuel for a burnout. After finding out that he did, he backed up on pit road, collected his son Keelan, told Keelan to plug his ears and "don't tell mom," and then Kevin helped Keelan into the car and the two went for a victory ride. Harvick then stopped on the start finish line to talk to the TV crews while Keelan ran and grabbed the checked flag and high-fived NASCAR officials. Kevin then helped Keelan back in the the car, the two enjoyed a burnout, and then went on to Victory Lane where Keelan was part of the "hat dance."

And THAT'S what it's all about!!! What a special moment between father and son that Keelan will never forget. And neither will us fans.

Today's moment was reminiscent of last year when Harvick won at Michigan and took Keelan for a ride.

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