Watch: Colton and Cassie on "Ellen's Internet Debate Club"

OK, this is REALLY cute! Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood and his girlfriend Cassie Randolph are featured on Ellen DeGeneres's "Ellen's Internet Debate Club," debating over "important" topics such as...

... is a hot dog a sandwich? And by the way, I say a definite YES. It's meat between bread. Case closed!

... does a straw have one hole or two? Ummm...

... is a Cheeto a "chip?" And by the way (part two), I say a definite NO. A chip is a potato CHIP or a tortilla CHIP. A Cheeto is not a chip off of anything! Case closed... again! :)

... Backstreet Boys or Nsync? (Can't we just all agree on Alabama???)

Watch what Cassie and Colton had to say!

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