Tony Stewart punched a guy Friday night at the race track

Well, Tony Stewart's at it again! And by "it," I don't mean racing. He never really gave that up. He may not be racing in NASCAR anymore, but he's still racing at short tracks and dirt tracks pretty frequently.

No, by "it" I mean that Tony Stewart is still the same feisty guy he's always been. For the sake of full disclosure, I was and still am a MASSIVE Tony Stewart fan. I have been lucky enough to meet him on several occasions and he has always been incredibly nice to me. But we all know that there's an angry side to Smoke too. We've all seen the videos of him shoving drivers, chucking helmets, getting in altercations, and throwing tantrums that would rival any sleepy two year old. We know he has a temper. And when Tony retired from NASCAR, the temper did not retire with his about-to-be-inducted-into-the NASCAR-Hall-Of-Fame NASCAR career.

This past Friday night, Smoke was at the Jackson Motorplex in Minnesota when his engine blew after just one lap. It was advertised that Tony was going to be there so, being that fans wouldn't get to see him race, he decided to sign some autographs, and that's where things got weird. Allegedly a fan was heckling him for "quitting" after only one lap, words were exchanged, and then Tony's temper got a green flag, he took off after the guy, and a punch was thrown.

Here is the first video that surfaced. And I warn you that this is HIGHLY NSFW, as there are some f-bombs thrown around.

TMZ then got a hold of a very similar video, but in this one, you can see a little bit better where Tony's guys restrained him afterward.

Did you see Tony bolt off after that guy??? Not only is Smoke fast on the race track, but he ain't too shabby on foot!!!

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