Peter on The Bachelorette is the latest to have an ex come forward

If you watch The Bachelorette, I'd be willing to bet that you love Peter. He is absolutely my favorite on the show this season. I mean, there's his smile... and did you SEE the hometown date and the plane ride her took her on?? Best. Hometown. EVER!

But is it possible that the Peter we see on the show isn't the real Peter at all? Peter on the show has talked about his previous heartbreak and how he was devastated by a breakup. His family even shared his sentiments on last week's hometowns. But is it possible that things didn't go down exactly the way he portrayed them?

According to his ex-girlfriend Calee Lutes, she says that nothing went down the way Peter has claimed, and she is positive that she is the ex that he has referenced. She said that they were dating long distance- he lived in LA, she lived in Atlanta- and things were going about as good as things could go, considering the distance. He even asked her to move to LA to be with him. He said he loved her. They met each other's families. They went to Switzerland together. She joined him on a family vacation in New York. And then after dating for five months, he abruptly broke things off two days before Christmas. Calee said she was blindsided and it ruined her and her family's Christmas. Shortly thereafter, she noticed that a Bachelorette producer began following him on Instagram and he deleted every trace of her on his social media. She went on to say that she feels betrayed and that she believes that he went on the show for the wrong reasons. She thinks he only wanted to be famous. You can read her entire interview with Entertainment Tonight here.

So, what do you think? Do you think that Peter's only on the show for fame? Or do you find the timing "interesting" that all of this broke just when we found out that it was Peter in the windmill?!

I understand that she's obviously very hurt. She wouldn't have spoken up otherwise. But I'm also skeptical. If he was that into her, her would've never applied to be on the show (I hope not, anyway!). Unlike other contestants, he at least had the decency to break up with her a few months before filming the show as opposed to not actually breaking things off with her at all. And she thinks that she was the one referenced when he talked about his heartache, but how do we know for sure that it was her? I'm not taking sides, but I believe that there at least two sides to every story, and so far we've only heard her side. Once Peter can talk and tell his side, it should be interesting. Much like things should be interesting when we finally hear Jed's side of things too (insert snarky smile)...

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