Kacey Musgraves does a "shoey" out of a glass slipper

Prior to the start of this week, I had never heard the term "shoey." All I know is I woke up the other day, checked Twitter, and saw where Kacey Musgraves was making headlines in Sydney Australia for not doing a "shoey."

"What in THE WORLD is a shoey," I asked myself. I Googled it and learned that a shoey is when you do a shot of alcohol out of a shoe. Yeah... ummm... gross...

So seriously...can you blame Kacey for not wanting to do a shoey? But she then went on to Melbourne and made headlines again, this time for actually doing a shoey, only this time it was under HER terms (which is SOOO Kacey Musgraves and why we love her). Kacey said she wasn't in the mood in Sydney, but it was the last night of the tour, pulled out a (presumably clean) glass slipper, and downed her shoey. And she didn't even flinch!!!


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