UNC Charlotte student tweets first steps 13 days after shooting

I could not watch this video without tearing up. Drew Pescaro, who was injured in the April 30th shooting at UNC Charlotte, took his first steps since the shooting without a walker yesterday. He took to social media to share the video to keep all of us well-wishers up-to-date.

With "Chariots of Fire" playing in the background and a simple caption that read "Update: Day 13 Took my first steps without a walker today so I felt the need to share it with everyone," Drew was up and looking great! He hashtagged his post with both #CharlotteStrong and #DrewStrong

This is not Drew's first Twitter post since the shooting. He has kept us all up to date since the day after the shooting, first through his girlfriend Erin tweeting for him, and then he took back over this past Saturday. On Sunday, he sent a sweet message about his mom for Mother's Day. And check out some of the amazing people who have visited Drew as well!

It is so wonderful to see Drew making improvements! He's such an inspiration! Keep on keeping on, Drew!!! Every single one of us is pulling for you and keeping you in our prayers!

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