Jimmie Johnson ran the Boston Marathon and had a great message for the fans

HUGE congratulations to NASCAR star Jimmie Johnson. Today, Jimmie Johnson completed his first Boston Marathon, running the 26.2 mile course in 3 hours, 9 minutes, seven seconds. That's INCREDIBLE! That's an average of a 7:12 minute mile. Can you imagine running that pace for just over 26 miles??? I can't. Kudos to Jimmie for getting in there and absolutely killing it!

Jimmie shared some fun memories on his Twitter account. After finishing 12th in the race Saturday night at Richmond, he let his fans know that he was Boston bound.

When Jimmie shared this picture, I gotta believe that things got real for him!!!

Sunday afternoon, he checked out the course...as any good racer should do!!!

He shared a picture of his running clothes, sponsored by Gatorade of course!!!

He then shared a message for all of us fans rooting him on...

He made a couple of left turns to warm up haha!

He got in a few more stretches...

He waited for the green flag...or the official start. Whichever...

And 3:09:07 later, he crossed the finish line!!!!! As the announcer said, "it's not a checkered flag...it's the finish line to the Boston Marathon!" AWESOME!!!

Of all of the trophies he's ever gotten, I gotta believe that this medal is right up there with the most special of accomplishments.

He then thanked fans and supporters.

And, if I had to bet, I'd guess he's in an ice bath right about now! He did say his legs were junk after all!!!!!! But I'm sure it's totally worth it to him. What an AMAZING accomplishment!!! Congratulations, Jimmie!

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